Guide to get pregnant in the safest possible manner

Conceiving is going to be the bighect challenge in the coming times! Reasons are ample for that, to pin point it further, sedentary lifestyle has become a cause of problem. Results of sitting whole day have severe repecussions and this has been substantiated by medical studies too. Late marriages are delaying the conception therefore, hormonal changes are causing problems. If you want to be pregnant, consider this guide which can give you an insight into many things.Tips to get pregnant

To enhance your fertility, focussing upon your diet and lifestyle helps a lot. I found the information to be of great help and I am sharing it for you. The food that you eat makes you who you are! So, awareness has to be there when it comes to food and your daily routine. You can find few useful tips here which can tell you how to become fertile.

Check out what the experts recommend:

  • You should focus upon eating up more protein along with calcium which can promote bone health
  • Including nutrition in your diet is a great health booster, you should listen to you food cravings as well. Your particular craving hides some symptoms like if you crave for cheese, you are lacking energy. So binge on the foods which can enhance your energy levels. It is best to pick up a more balanced and regulated quantity of your favorite food. This self-control in food intake will make your reproductive organs healthier with time.
  • Keeping yourself active helps in maintaining your hormones

Medical advancements have also resulted in adopting highly advances procedures like In vitro fertilisation. This technique involves combining women’e eggs with sperms in a lab environment. Thereafter, embryo is put back into uterus and this method has reaped great results. Many people are now going for this method which is seen as a sure shot remedy for infertility.





What makes a content Viral?

The dictionary explains the term Viral as something becoming very popular and being circulated quickly from one person to another in a short span of time. Viral content today is always in reference to the social media and what makes it spread quickly around all social platforms.

For any content creator, the main objective is to make his or her content reach as many people as possible. There have been various studies and research on how to make content viral or what makes content viral?


Here are a few points that have been discussed to explain the science behind some content getting viral. Popularly known as six Stepps to aim virality, they are-

  1. Social Currency

The content should be socially acceptable. People will talk socially only about a thing that would make perceive them as not only intelligent, but smart and cool too.

  1. Triggers

We all know that humans convert their thoughts into their words. One will talk about something that he or she often thinks about.

  1. Emotion

Affecting emotions is very important. Once someone is emotionally affected or aroused by content, the individual is sure to share the content further.

  1. Public

It is important that the content is public in nature so that more and more people feel connected to it and share it more.

  1. Practical Value

The more a thing is practical and useful, the more are the probabilities of it being shared.

  1. Stories

An idea crafted in a story is much more easy to deliver and interesting to read than a mundane piece of information.